Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Isabelle Kralj & Mark Anderson
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Isabelle Kralj & Mark Anderson

In his last podcast before moving out west, Mark Metcalf talks to the minds behind Milwaukee's Theatre Gigante, a company unafraid to blend theater, dance and more.

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Filmmaker Ryan Sarnowski
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Filmmaker Ryan Sarnowski

Mark talks to the doc|UWM co-director about the film program, his history with documentaries and his latest project: a doc following the last acolyte of a religion/social movement called Lawsonomy.

Comparing Notes: Mozart at MSO, Sondheim at Windfall
Comparing Notes

Mozart at MSO, Sondheim at Windfall

Tom Strini and Matthew Reddin take the thread tying Mozart and Sondheim together this weekend and play with it, in this latest installment.

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Carlo Besasie
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Carlo Besasie

The Milwaukee director talks with Mark about his career thus far and the changing landscape of modern filmmaking.

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Matt Kemple
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Matt Kemple

The Milwaukee Comedy founder and part-owner of the Underground Collaborative talks to Mark about the growth in the city's comedy scene and the busy weekend ahead.

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Lee Ernst
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Lee Ernst

The 20-year veteran of the Milwaukee Rep talks about his theater origins and time in Wisconsin regional theater.

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Ilana Setapen
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Ilana Setapen

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra's associate concertmaster met with Mark to discuss her upcoming solo performance of Prokofiev's Violin Concerto No. 2 and more.

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Faythe Levine
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Faythe Levine

Mark Metcalf talks with artist, filmmaker and entrepreneur Faythe Levine about her roots, DIY and new film "Sign Painters."

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Andy Noble
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Andy Noble

Mark talks to the longtime music-lover and DJ about his experiences in Milwaukee and his comprehensive, "trim" record collection.

Backstage with Mark Metcalf: Paula Suozzi
Backstage with Mark Metcalf

Paula Suozzi

This first installment of Mark's extended podcast series focuses on Paula Suozzi, a former theater/opera director who's recently become a personal trainer.

PODCAST: TCD Holiday Traditions, Part Five

TCD Holiday Traditions, Part Five

Rounding out the Holiday Traditions series are three of TCD's interns: Callie Koller, Kristen Poehlmann and Breanne Brennan.

PODCAST: TCD Holiday Traditions, Part Four

TCD Holiday Traditions, Part Four

Continuing with our Holiday Traditions podcast series, Mark Metcalf talks with the TCD Photo Team: Angela Morgan, Lacy Landre and Howard Leu.