Dear Ken Macha

  • Off limits

    This week's letter to Ken declares several of the most overused and underwhelming jokes about Brewers players off limits.

  • Same as it ever was

    Two weeks into the season and the Brewers are already giving fans a serious case of heartburn. Is 2010 shaping up to be a lot like 2009?

  • Strange Brew

    This week's letter to Ken recounts the Brewers' opening week weirdness on and off the field and explains why Prince Fielder absolutely, positively needs to be re-signed.

  • 162 reasons

    Dear Ken Macha returns with a preview of the 2010 Milwaukee Brewers.

  • 2009 Ken-trospective (77-79)

    We bid adieu to Ken Macha and the Brewers with our 2009 Ken-trospective.

  • Checkin’ Out The Rivalry (74-75)

    As the Brewers begin the final series against the Chicago Cubs this season, it's time to finally admit that it's not a real rivalry.

  • Where Do We Go Now? (69-73)

    The Brewers' struggles have put Ken on the managerial hot seat. But if Ken goes, who'll take his place? This week's letter to Ken provides a few educated guesses.

  • Winding It Down Right (66-70)

    The Brewers' postseason chances are all but nil, yet there's still heart to this team and a reason to stay interested if you care about next season.

  • Down To The Wire (64-66)

    The Brewers' recent winning streak is casting doubt on the early naysayers' street cred, and providing a small glimmer of hope for now.