Be careful what you wish for

By - May 1st, 2008 02:52 pm
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“If you’re sure you’re done having children, and want a permanent form of birth control, talk to your doctor about Essure,” purred the smooth female voice at the end of the radio commercial.

I had heard this ad a couple of times and thought, “Essure? What’s that?” Because I worked in women’s health care for about a decade, it’s rare that I haven’t heard anything about something as basic as a birth control method.

A quick glance at the Essure website gave me the snapshot. A doctor places a very small coil in each of a woman’s two fallopian tubes. The coils cause mild irritation inside the tubes, which prompts the body to produce scar tissue. Over a period of three months, enough scar tissue builds up to block the tubes so that sperm can’t pass through to fertilize the eggs.

In the interim, a woman must use another form of birth control. At the end of three months, the woman needs to have an imaging test (specifically a hystereosalpingogram, or HSG) of her uterus performed to determine whether her tubes are fully blocked. On the surface, the procedure makes sense, and even sounds appealing.

A dream come true?

The site’s Benefits and Risks page features a long list of positives, with several items seemingly taken directly from the “birth control wish-list” of many women I know. For instance, Essure is a non-surgical sterilization procedure that can be performed in a doctor’s office with no cutting whatsoever. It doesn’t use any hormones or silicone, both of which have received negative press recently and are causing women to think carefully about what goes into their bodies. The fact that the procedure is often covered by insurance makes it seem like a dream come true. But as with anything, it’s important to look past the hyped-up language and directly into the facts.

Essure makes the following claims on its website: “Quick recovery … most women return to their normal activities within one day.”

Some women return to their normal activities that quickly, but many need three to five days, and some women claim that it took up to two weeks. Remember, each of us is different.

“No general anesthesia required – … Although some physicians may offer general anesthesia, this is not a requirement of the procedure …”

It’s true that the procedure doesn’t require general anesthesia. However, many doctors do require it for the placement of the coils.

“No hormones or silicone – … Essure micro-inserts do not contain silicone or release hormones…”

The inserts are hormone and silicone free, but they contain nickel, which many people are allergic to. If you’ve ever had a reaction to jewelry or the snap on your jeans, you are at risk to have a reaction to the inserts as well.

“The Essure procedure is covered by most health insurance plans …”

The procedure is usually covered, however, the follow-up HSG rarely is. The cost on that was reported to be $900 to $2,000.

Turn the coin over

If you’ve been reading my columns for very long, you know that I’m typically skeptical of any medical procedure that is hard-sold to the public. So, despite the fact that the risks were buried in a PDF several clicks down from the Essure home page (and invisible to search engines), I dug them up and looked them over carefully.

There were just two clinical trials for the Essure Permanent Birth Control Procedure, testing its effectiveness on a total of 745 women. This seems like an awfully small sample size, especially since the trial period was only five years old at the time the results were published. Essure does disclose that “(v)ery little is known about how well the Essure micro-inserts work beyond the first 5 years. What is currently known about the Essure micro-inserts may change as new information becomes available.”

But “what is currently known” is still plenty. Of the 745 women in the trials, 104 were unable to have both coils placed during the procedure. Sixteen had one or both of the tubes come out of their bodies. Thirteen had either their fallopian tube(s) or uterus perforated by one or both coils. When a perforation occurs, the coil is then floating in the abdominal cavity or the uterus. Not only will Essure not provide any birth control in that case, it will probably need to be surgically removed.

Because it takes approximately three months for Essure to be fully effective, the trials tracked the women for 15 months after the placement procedure, so that the first year of infertility could be studied. The problems reported from this period of time included steady or recurrent back pain for 67 women, abdominal pain for 28 and painful sexual intercourse for 27 women.

But wait, there’s more

The Summary of Risks paperwork dutifully reported these statistics, but couldn’t possibly reveal how the women who had undergone the placement procedure felt about the Essure method. I was able to find a few online bulletin boards where women were sharing their own experiences and this told me more about Essure than any of my other reading.

To be clear, more than 90% of the women posting on the largest bulletin board were positive about the procedure and their resulting sterility (though several posters sold a little too far past the close to be trusted as innocent participants). However, I did read about some very negative experiences, both in having the coils placed and in their effectiveness.

Women are reporting ongoing, persistent pain in their backs, sides and/or abdomens. Many women say their periods have changed since the procedure. For some, it got shorter and easier. For others, it was much longer and much more painful. I read several reports of one or both coils perforating the fallopian tubes and requiring major surgery to remove them. For other women, one or both coils just went missing. They weren’t in the fallopian tubes, nor could they be located in the uterus or in the abdominal cavity. This was the case in one woman who had been told that her tubes were completely blocked at three months post-procedure, but then conceived twins.

In total, I read about four pregnancies after women had been told that they were sterile. In one very sad case, the woman’s back-up birth control method failed in the first three months after coil placement. Her husband’s sperm was able to travel to the egg, but the fertilized egg was not able to return to the uterus via the mostly blocked fallopian tube. She had an ectopic pregnancy (in the fallopian tube instead of the uterus) and her tube ruptured one night, waking her with terrible pain and requiring immediate surgery to remove the tube and ovary.

Essure is brought to us by the same medical industry that has given women Thalidomide, the Dalcon Shield, Norplant and Premarin. For better or worse, the world we live in is driven by profit, even in what should be an inviolable realm – our basic physical well-being. As always, it’s important to be a knowledgeable consumer, especially of medical care. VS

88 thoughts on “Essure: Be careful what you wish for”

  1. Melanie says:

    I would like to start off by saying I am blessed I have 5 children after having my last daughter I decided it was time for sterilization I would have liked a tubal ligation but my doctor pushed essure on me.I wasn’t sure at first but due to the fact all of my pregnancies were difficult I had to do something so I had essure placed October of 2012 to make a long story short yesterday I was at the OB and I am 5 weeks pregnant but there is blood in the uterus so I have a 50 50 chance of miscarrying I wish I would have never got the Essure done especially if it wasn’t going to work

  2. kayla says:

    I had essure done in 2011 and everything was fine however I ended up with cervical cancer last year I didnt have HPV virus but had displasia I had a leak procedure that burns cancer cells im not sure if essure was the cause or not I dont sleep around have no major health problems and out of no where after essure 3 years later I got cancer it scared me but truthfully essure caused me no problem’s no pain just up in the air about cancer vs essure but I still have essure and after leak i still feel fine in all areas including having and after sex no bleeding pain nothing

  3. Jenilee says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in October 2009 when I was 25. I had my follow up in January 2010 and my coils were intact and my tubes were 100% blocked. I will be 30 this year and everything has been fine since having the procedure. My periods are extremely sporatic, but have been since I started at age 11. I have not had any pain or heavier bleeding. I was told it could be done in the office but it wasn’t. It was done as an Outpatient surgery and my insurance did actually cover it. I am sorry to all of you ladies who have had issues with the procedure. I know there are a lot of negatives to having it done, but every person is different and nobody can know how it will affect themselves. I would recommend it and have recommended it.

  4. candice says:

    after our 4th child in 2009 we decided we would stop having children and were told about “essure” & how great it was if you were looking for little to no down time. july 24 2009 I went in to have the coils placed & went to lunch with my husband after the procedure. weeks later I started to experience pain in my legs & abdomen, I put off going to the dr. for over a year with the pain & finally gave in. he then told me that it HAD to be endometriosis and we needed to do a laproscopy. I, 25 at the time, didn’t ask questions and trusted my dr. on sept 16, 2010 I went in for day surgery and woke up the next day to find out that I had to have 3 pints of blood due to my dr. hitting my ilieo femoral artery on my left side. 2 weeks later I found out he also tied my nerve off to the artery to stop the bleeding which has caused permanent damage to the nerves in my left upper leg and bikini area. after undergoing a femoral bypass at age 25, and 5 other surgeries since then to “get rid of the pain” I recently talked to a friend with the essure who has become pregnant which led me to doing some research. in November of this year I came across the stories of some other women and realized that i’m not alone. after years of leg, abdominal, side, & back pain and debilitating headaches and months of nausea, all over joint pain and tingling sensations in my arms, hands & feet I am 2 weeks post surgery of having my tubes removed with the essure in them & I feel great. I know it’s only 2 weeks but i haven’t experienced any pain since surgery and i feel wonderful.

  5. Dana Harrison says:

    Had the insertion in Sept. 2013 and the follow-up HSG today. One coil is clearly not where it should be and appears to have perforated a tube. I’ve not had pain from it. Follows up with the original OB/GYN to come (hopefully tomorrow). I’m in shock from the news today…

  6. Sharon Laakko says:

    I appreciate your article, could be a good time for another one. Lots of tv newscasts being done. Please do another store. If you need some more material, essureproblems website has documents. Thanks

    Essure is brought to us by the same medical industry that has given women Thalidomide, the Dalcon Shield, Norplant and Premarin. For better or worse, the world we live in is driven by profit, even in what should be an inviolable realm – our basic physical well-being. As always, it’s important to be a knowledgeable consumer, especially of medical care. VS

  7. Reina Morris says:

    I have had the procedure done back in November of 2007 and since then I have not had any serious problems.. 1) my periods were always irregular, so I count that out. 2) I never experienced severe cramping either and 3) I will admit that after having had the procedure after a year of implantation my mentrual flow has been a little bit heavy. The HSG test that was done three months after the procedure was clear and showed complete blockage. Its been 6 years to the day and during the course of that time span I’ve experienced minor cramping around the abdominal area and my sides but none to concern me with any problems related to the implants. I’ve had regular visits with my gynocologist and several imaging scans(sonograms, x-rays) around that area and saw with my doctor that both coils were intact and in place. I feel fine and sexual intercourse has never been a problem as well. I am sorry to those women who has had serious issues with this particular procedure. To set the record straight, before I even considered doing this procedure I did researched it as well as talked it over with my gynocologist and I was told of its side affects and I was even asked if I was allergic to any metals and when I asked why, I was told that the coils contained nickel. But, with any procedures being considered especially regarding any foreign body going into you, it is common sense to ask lots and lots and lots of questions until you are completely and absolutely convinced and satisfied of all answers given. At least that is what I did when I opt for this procedure. I recently had to undergo an MRI due to an injury on my back which happened at my place of work. The image from the MRI also showed the implants in its place. I mean, it is a risk factor but these are choices that we make and the only way to assured results is to really play the wait and see game. That is why it’s important to weigh out the pros and cons of any procedure done. I hope my opinion on this was helpful and once again I sympathize with those women who’ve had bad experiences with this.

  8. Michelle says:

    FYI, Lakeshore Surgical center in Georgia does Essure removal for $4500. I am not affiliated with them in any way, and have not been there. I just thought I’d pass on the info.

  9. Michelle says:

    I got my Essure coils in 2003. Had the HSG, everything was good. I got a transvaginal ultrasound almost a year ago, and I saw them, they were straight and all in one piece. Then about 2 months ago I had random Sharp pains on my left side. I questioned whether it was my fallopian tube or my colon because I do have IBS. But it’s definitely my tube. It comes and goes, luckily the sharp pains don’t last long, but I do feel constant mild cramping in my uterus. I had a little spotting during the first sharp pain episode but nothing since. I would love to get them removed in Georgia but I don’t have $4500 laying around. I want these things out before they cause significant damage. I have had several other symptoms that others have attributed to Essure but I can’t definitively say that the coils caused my personal symptoms. Incidentally, I had to go back on the Pill because of heavy bleeding, so what the hell was the point? I am so grateful that I didn’t get pregnant after Essure, or have the serious problems others have had. My thoughts are with those of you who are suffering. My pain didn’t start for 10 years, so hopefully those of you who haven’t had symptoms aren’t in for a painful future.

  10. Shannon says:

    I was implanted with the torture devices Essure in 2005. Over the past 8 years my body has had a weakened immune system, heavy blood clots and bleeding, chronic pelvic pain and inflammation, joint swelling, fatigue, my tubes felt as if there was a fire poker in them. Doctors did ultra sounds and xrays on me and said everything looked fine. They would prescribe me pain meds and send me home with more questions than answers. A little over a month ago I found a support page with 1600 members where I had a light bulb go off and I finally realized it wasn’t just me and I was not crazy. I found a doctor on the site and had my tubes removed. The doctor attributed the pain I was suffering to my coils without a doubt. To my doctor & nurses in my surgery were shocked to find that my coil had perforated through my right tube. I started feeling better within a day or two of my surgery. Now two weeks later almost all of my issues are gone with exception to my right side having residual aching from where the hell coil scraped my insides for who knows how long. I believe there is not enough information out there for women and Bayer along with doctors on their Essure payroll will not tell you all the answers to your questions without putting their fluff spin on it. We are real women with REAL stories and feel every woman contemplating getting this done to them should be fully and completely informed.

    1. Akiya Lester says:

      Where did you have them removed, and how much was it?

  11. Stephanie says:

    I had Essure placed in 2009. It took 3.5 years to figure out that it was the cause of a massive immune/allergic reaction. I have a huge number of allergies now and lost weight because I was allergic to so many foods. I was down to 89 pounds when I finally had to have a hysterectomy to remove the Essure coils in January of 2013. I have since started to feel better and have gained back 10 pounds. The implanting procedure was quite painful. I saw 7 doctors who couldn’t figure out why I had become so allergic. It wasn’t until I started having stabbing abdominal pains that I did some research and found out that I was not the only one to have pain or develop allergies after having Essure. I have lost a lot of time with my two beautiful daughters and my patient, loving husband from being so incredibly ill. I would not recommend Essure.

  12. Leesa Wines says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in 2005. Back then it was fairly new only about 3 years old. I was not told about many side effects probably because there were not many then. I was told that it could not be reversed and if I were to become pregnant it would not be a progressive one.

    I did not get pregnant but in 2012 I woke up to an ache in my abdomen which progressed so much that by 10 pm I was at the hospital. The doctor ran so many tests that night, ct scan, ultrasounds, vaginal exams, etc but found nothing. After a shot for the pain my thigh went numb and has been ever since. I am currently experiencing occasional pain in my abdomen and many now side effects that I did not realize were until now.

    After more tests and many more doctors , including a Neurologist for the numbness, I was told I had a pinched nerve in my thigh but no one could tell me what was causing it or the pain in my abdomen and leg. The pain continued and my new gynecologist decided to do another HSG test to confirm if the coils were still in place. We both saw what looked like one coil sticking up,which is in the exact same place that I feel the poking pain, but the other one was intact. After the Radiologist looked at it he ruled it inconclusive. My gynecologist has agreed to take the coils out as she used to preform the Essure procedure but no longer does them. She feels that they cause too many issues. Pain means something is wrong and I did not give up. I will have my surgery in October 2013

    1. ginger says:

      which dr removed your coil where is she i could like mine removed

  13. Stephanie says:

    My problems started four years after placement. Chronic pain for almost a year until their removal including stabbing sharp ice pick pains. I had a nickel allergy test done and it came back as positive. It cost me 6 thousand dollars to have the surgery to remove the coils. Yes be careful what you wish for. I wish I had never had them put in to begin with. It was a nightmare, not a dream come true.

  14. Denise says:

    I had essure done back in 2003 it wasn’t bad in the beginning but over the years I do have crazy cycles now bad back pain as well as headaches andi now have acid reflex but all this happen after I got the procedure done. I would like to know if there is a lawsuit about this they should I’m not happy either.

  15. Rachael says:

    Hi Ladies, my name is Rachael I’m 22… I got the Essure about 3 weeks ago and I haven’t had any problems at all. Do I regret my decision? Not at all!!! I have 2 beautiful daughters and one amazing husband, my family IS complete! I did alot of research before signing for the Essure, one thing I learned while doing research is the Essure is kinda like pregnancy its going to effect each women differently, I didn’t want to make my decision based off someone else’s good or bad experience. I simply put it in Gods hands and hoped for the best. I haven’t had any problems at all, I was back to normal the very next day! I was in and out of the doctors office within about an hour. Another thing I’ve noticed is most women posting about their negative experience, have the Essure put in around 2008-2010… haven’t heard to much negative past 2010. I absolutely love Essure and would highly recommend Essure! Now I am still waiting for the conformation test, in my opinion I’ve had no problems this far so… in turn I am in no way am I doubting the conformation test being negative for blockage. My advice to women…. please don’t go based off ONE women’s opinion about Essure, make the decision you feel is best for yourself and your family. To the women who have not experienced any good from Essure my heart goes out to you!! As my experience with Essure has been nothing but good! :)

  16. Lisa Schoettmer says:

    Hi my name is Lisa. im am 27 years old. I have 3 beautiful children ages are 8 6 and 3. I had gotten the Essure done in oct of 2011 when i was 25 years old after the loss of my 4th child. The dr first told me and my husband that our child we loss was in my tube and I had to go into emergency surgery to remove my tube in which the baby was in. After i came out of surgery, I was still pregant!!! What a weird way to go huh?? After about a week, I had to go into surgery again because our child had implanted itself to my uterus but my hcg levels were decreasing causing me to go into a miscarriage. So again I had to go back in to for emegency surgery to have a dnc to remove the baby. I was 6 weeks pregant when this happened. I lost our baby on my birthday august 5th 2011. Then the dr had told me he felt it would be my best bet to have the essure done because 3 children was enough to have. he didnt tell me the implants had nickel it in which im allergic to. Also after they were inserted, i began to have really bad periods lasting 1 week or more. Also when we have intercourse, it hurts so bad I cry. I have regret of getting this done because my chances of actually having another child is gone. I itch my stomach on the sides where the implants are and they turn into little dots on my skin. My hair is falling out. I have mood swings alot!! I cry and I am depressed everyday in which i am on paxil for now. I have serve anxiety problems. My back hurts me all the time. i feel the implants inside of me which is weird expecially when i get my monthly period. I get headaches all the time. I have passed out on my husband more then once. i have felt dizzy and the cramping never goes away. I would never in my life tell someone to get this done. I am currently going to file a lawsuit and have these implants REMOVED at whatever cost. Hope and Pray and I do have faith in god that i may be able to have another child. They dont tell you everything you want to no only what they want to tell you. They basically lied to me saying that they cant be removed and it is permanet. LIARS!!! I currently have cervical cancer now and no incurance but they did make sure they did the implants when I had incurance to get the money though. This was all a bad idea and now im paying for it.

  17. Tori says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in May 2008, 3 months after the birth of my 3rd child. I was told it was a painless procedure, which was not true. I was in so much pain that I was crying and groaning during the placement. My doctor said that he had noticed some women complained of pain during the procedure but it would subside within a day or two. Since then, I have had severe menstrual cramps, back pain, irregular periods, and my hair falls out in clumps. I called my doctor to see about having the coils removed. He told me that it is a permanent procedure, as I was advised previously, and that removal was not an option. After researching online, I have found that removal is in fact an option, but the only place that will do it is across the country from me, does not take insurance, and costs $7000 to do the removal procedure. My daughter passed away in February and I have since gotten divorced and remarried. My new husband only has 1 child, and would love to have more. We are now trying to plan our budget to allow us to save the money to have the Essure removed and my tubes reattached to attempt to conceive a child. However, $7000 is a lot of money for us, and I may very well start menopause before we can save enough. I am 36 and he is 46. I definitely do not recommend the Essure procedure. Unexpected things happen in life that may make you rethink your decision to permanently sterilize yourself. I know my life changes along with the side effects have definitely made me regret that decision.

  18. rily says:

    I had the procedure done in 2011 at the age of 40. It took two attempts to place both coils, and it was an outpatient procedure in the doctor’s office. During the first attempt, one coil was placed, but the second fallopian tube appeared to be blocked/sealed/nonexistent – we decided to go ahead with the HSG after 3 months and see what it showed. the doctor gave me a mild muscle relaxer before the second attempt, and the coil was placed very quickly. I was back at work the same day after both procedures adn the HSGs. There was some mild cramping after the procedure and after the HSG, but no worse than typical menstrual cramps. The HSG was uncomfortable (as was the placement procedure) but not painful. In my case, researching doctors and being comfortable with the doctor performing the procedure was the single most important factor in my decision.

  19. Pooslie says:

    “Cristie says:
    May 10, 2013 at 6:03 pm
    I had essure at a young age of 24 and looking back I can’t believe the doctor did it at such a young age. I’m sad that I did because I’m married to a wonderful man that I’d love to have kids with, and now I can’t.”

    people like you are why it is hard for people like me (who never have and never will want children) have to fight with our doctors to get things like tubal ligation done. I am 32 and my husband is 40 and my doctor won’t even consider it until I am 35. (what is the point then? my mother started menopause at 38!)

  20. Christal stuebs says:

    I had the procedure done December 2006. It stated with a little more cramping and bleeding with my cycle than normal. By May, I was making frequent calls to my Doctor whom assured me that it was normal. The pain I was feeling was my body scaring over the implants and would soon stop. December of the next year, I went to the emergency room. No one had ever of the procedure. I was crazy. It was all in my head. In the waiting room I passed out. Later the nurses told me that I was passing blood clots the size of baseballs. They had never seen so much menstrual blood. They gave me a script for drugs and sent me home. Again, my doctor told me all of this was normal and probably was caused because I was overweight. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia given drugs and sent home. I was told the back pain was because I was overweight. I was told the depression was caused by postpartum. I was told the numbness I occasionally feel in my legs is because I was overweight. I began to have migraines so severe that I would lock myself away in my dark room for days at a time leaving my husband to care for his son and his step daughter. The pain of having sex was like giving birth. Afterwards, I would lay and moan and cry and just two years into my marriage we stopped having sex because he felt he was hurting me when it was the alien nickel metal springs that was causing the pain. But the doctors kept saying it was all in my head, all the while writing scripts for pain meds that did nothing for the pain. Four years after marriage, three years after implants, my husband and I separated. He was having an affair. I could not blame him very much. We were unable to be physical. I too very much wanted to be with him but the flood of blood and the terrible pain stopped me. I began to that the Depo-Provera shot to help with bleeding. It seemed to help immensely but my doctor warned about the hormones of the shot every three months. Depo is a birth control drug given every three months. I was supposed to be sterile already and she didn’t like doubling up on birth control. Four years after implant, I moved here to West Virginia. No one here had even heard of the implants. I continued to take the Depo shot. Dr. Noland has been wonderful. He told me of a procedure that would almost stop the bleeding. It is called eblasion. I was wary after the procedure that was supposed to have been pain free called essure, which was obviously not. He explained that he would go in and burn the cells that made the menstrual blood. During the procedure he decided to take an x ray to look at the mysterious essure implants only to find that both of them were lodged in my uterus. This is obviously nowhere near my fallopian tubes. He is currently researching a way to remove them from my uterus without having to do a hysterectomy. After years of being in pain, being told it was all I’m my head and I was only wanting pain meds, we find that it was not all in my head.

  21. Amber says:

    All procedures have risks and it’s extremely wise for every person to research things to find out what’s best for them. Do talk to a doctor but also research on your own.
    While working at an ob/gyn office I had been begging my doctors since I first started for sterilization to help with excessive bleeding and the fact that I never want children. After 11 years I got my wish with the Essure procedure followed by ablation.
    I personally had problems during the procedure as I encountered a vasovagal response due to the touching of the cervix. I ended up only being able to tolerate one side being placed before we had to halt the procedure and try again later. It did happen the second time as well so for the ablation we opted for general anesthesia at a surgical center.
    Despite all of that, I feel like the procedure is still wonderful and has done everything promised!
    My doctor is participating in a study where instead of an HSG, an ultrasound can be used to determine correct placement. I opted into that and therefore didn’t have the huge bill associated with going to an imaging center.
    These are all good things to think about and ponder as well. Nothing is really a one size fits all, there are always exceptions. Reading some of the things you ladies have been going through is awful and I empathize with you!!
    So, even though the procedure worked wonderfully for me, I’m glad there’s resources like this out there to keep people informed!!

  22. Kelly says:

    I had the procedure done in 2007, and have been progressively getting sicker ever since. Terrible joint pain, back and pelvic pain, heavy periods with large clotting, fatigue, debilitating cramps, memory fog, weight gain, hair loss, hot flashes, insomnia, skin rashes, bladder infections, increased blood pressure, and many other symptoms have plagued me for 6 years now. I get my periods every 2 weeks now. My husband and children are suffering because I don’t even have the energy to do things with them that I used to do. I don’t have insurance anymore, so I cannot afford to get the surgery to have the Essure coils removed. I am one of hundreds of women who are suffering from this procedure. For those who have had no problems, I am glad it worked out for you, and I hope you don’t develop any symptoms later on. For those of you who have been considering getting this procedure done, PLEASE DO NOT DO IT!! Or at least have the nickel allergy test done and do your research! I would NOT recommend this to anyone!

  23. deb says:

    I had the procedure performed in July 2011 after my third child. I did have some moderate cramping for about a day afterwards but after that I haven’t had any problems. All surgery contains risks. For me, the percentage of people having problems with Essure appeared to be less than the percentage of people who had issues after a tubal ligation.

  24. Girlie says:

    Don’t get it. I had it and after I was told my HSG was negative I stopped using birth control. I got pregnant right away. I was very sadden by this. I got my docotor to insert the IUD because I was too scared. Now I have both. I am not sure how much is really known about this but I would not recommend it.

  25. Lisa F. says:

    Thanks for this article. I was actually thinking of having this procedure but the fact that it contains nickel (not something I would have otherwise known!) was the deal breaker for me.

    A while back, I was part of a Mirena trial. Originally, the trial was 3 years, but at the end of my 3 years, I was approved to go to 5. Not trusting the Mirena to protect me past the original 3 years, I had it taken out & dropped out of the trial. I did have several ultrasounds during the trial, and I always found it funny that as “things” were discovered in me, I’d hear them spouted off in the commercials! I liked having the Mirena (in fact, I’m considering having a new one inserted vs. tubal ligation) but what I did learn was that trials are for the period of time they are comfortable guaranteeing their products!!

  26. Rebecca says:

    Thank you and bless all of you brave women for sharing your stories. I was seriously considering getting this essure procedure – I am going in for a consult with the doctor tomorrow. I need something hormone-free birth control, and after being told about this “easy” and non-surgical procedure, I thought how perfect that was. After reading this article and these stories, there’s no way I’ll go through with it. Just too many risks . . . It’s not worth it, especially when I have a young one to take care of. So thank you again!

  27. Cristie says:

    I had essure at a young age of 24 and looking back I can’t believe the doctor did it at such a young age. I’m sad that I did because I’m married to a wonderful man that I’d love to have kids with, and now I can’t. I wish I had the funds to remove them as they do case me ALOT ALOT of pain.

  28. Kimberly says:

    Woooooow! Different strokes for different folks! I had the Essure procedure done in 2008! The procedure was done in outpatient instead of the office. Procedure went well! I was back to work the very next day! I had no pain, none what so ever! It has been five wonderful years and everything is still going good for me. I guess that I was one of the lucky ones! I fully recommend it, but like I once said, “Different strokes for different folks!

  29. connie says:

    I had the Essure procedure done in June 2008 when I was 38 years old. My dr. did put me completely under; it was done in more of a surgery center instead of in his office. He felt that was best. I have had zero issues since; it went perfectly. Had the HSG done three months later as directed and the result was good. I was worried that the HSG might hurt – I read a lot on the internet about that – but it did not hurt one bit. I am very sorry that some ladies have had problems with this procedure. That is horrible. But just wanting to provide a perspective that it does work for some as well.

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